Our Company

The ideas and heart behind Carry Courage began in 2018 as a creative outlet for owner Marisa Hilarides and has quickly become a pioneer of the sustainable fashion movement that creates organizing solutions for intentional women. 

We exist to create and inspire a community of courageous women to make a positive impact on the planet through sustainable choices and transparency of our process.

Carry Courage takes a restorative approach in our business and values living out circular design ideals. We seek out fair labor practices, earth conscious materials (like cork fabric and linen) and hand craft them into beautiful, functional products without compromise. 

Through our intentional efforts now, our vision is to become a confidence building catalyst for women around the world, as well as contribute to a world that values humans and our connection to the environment.

Our Founder

After years of feeling burned out and uninspired, Marisa, the creative heart and mind behind the Carry Courage brand, began her entrepreneurial journey in 2018.

Upon realizing there were so many other women feeling the same way as she was, Marisa took a leap of faith to begin to inspire other women to step through their fears courageously and pursue their dreams.

This opportunity has allowed Marisa to weave together her passions for empowering women and her desire to be a good steward of our planet. 

Through her intentional design, Carry Courage is modeled to allow more control over fair labor practices, utilize unique sustainable materials and provide the heirloom quality customers have come to appreciate. 

Marisa enjoys living out her best life in Portland, Oregon along with her teenage son and daughter.