Does the cork on my bag need any pre-treatment?

Nope, cork is naturally abrasion resistant, thanks to its honeycomb structure. And because of the suberin and ceroids contained in the cell walls, cork is practically impermeable to liquids and gases.

Does the vegan leather on my bag need any pre-treatment?

No, it doesn't. Proper care of your vegan leather bag is the best treatment. Keeping it out of prolonged, direct sunlight is the best way to avoid cracking. Storing your bag flat will avoid unnecessary pressure on the seams and strap connectors. 

How do I clean my cork bag?

Like any natural material, you may see some dirt or color transfer on your bag as you use it. Luckily, it is super easy to clean off! Just wet a dish towel, and add a drop or 2 of dish soap to it. Gently scrub the bag until the dirt is gone, then wipe with a clean, wet cloth. Dry with a towel, or lay it flat to dry naturally. Either way, you can't get it too wet! Cork is waterproof, so you can get it wet without fear. We wouldn't recommend putting it in the washing machine though, as the friction may cause unnecessary wear. 

How do I clean my vegan leather bag?

See above... a little dish soap and warm water work wonders on our faux leather too! 

My bag broke! Can you fix it? 

Absolutely! We want you to be able to use your Carry Courage bag for as long as possible. We won’t charge you for repairing any part of your Carry Courage bag. All we ask is that you cover the shipping to us. We’ll fix it up, good as new, and send it back. There are no time limits for our repair policy. Start your repair here.

Do you sell wholesale/dropship?

For sure! We work on several different platforms. Send us an email here to start the conversation.

Where did the name Carry Courage come from? 

Courage is something that has never come naturally to me. I used to be the type of person that never rocked the boat, I just went along with the majority to avoid upsetting anyone.
That is until I realized that these ways were causing me deep sadness and grief. I knew I wasn't going to be truly happy and fulfilled until I could speak up about what I knew was best for me and my family. Now courage is something that I am always mindful of keeping close!
To Carry Courage like we carry our bags is a concept that I was inspired to launch into the world to grow and foster a community of friends to encourage each other in their own journeys.

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