Why should I support local business?


Why should I support local businesses? Why should I “shop small business?” In case it isn’t obvious, let’s outline a few reasons.

There are many reasons it is a good idea to support local businesses—bonus points for shopping small businesses in Portland, OR. Admittedly, I have a dog in this fight (crude analogy though that is), as the owner of a local, small business producing sustainably sourced purses and handbags.


Here are the top reasons, including what some customers have shared with me regarding how their purchases from Carry Courage have impacted them. 


1. You get a unique product.
When you buy artisan, handmade items from a local business, you are far less likely to see others with the same product. The sheer nature of limits to volume in production means what you get is more exclusive than buying from a company like Amazon or a chain store. There’s some real value in that.

2. You support the local economy.
When you purchase from a small business in Portland, OR, or your local area, that money largely stays within the community. It, therefore, helps to fortify the local economy versus buying from a chain store that may be more concerned with keeping shareholders happy than giving back to the vibrancy of the community in which it is located.

Think of it this way. If you’re looking to help feed someone hungry and destitute, would it make more sense to mail a sandwich overseas or buy a bag of groceries and give it to someone directly – or to a local food pantry?

When the money and resources stay local, it strengthens the community. When you buy from Carry Courage, you choose to shop locally in Portland, OR.


3. It creates a greater connection to the product or service.
I’ve often heard customers say they feel more connected to their purchase when buying something from Carry Courage. Knowing that it was handmade with care by our team is more meaningful than a purse bought at, say, Target.

It often means a more personal touch, having a face to go with the purchase. Customers have also mentioned that they appreciate the care and quality of making the product. (I’m not trying to “toot my own horn,” just passing along what I’ve heard others say. 


4. You get superior customer service.
Those who are out on the front lines making unique products care deeply about the product and the entire customer experience. When you remove the many other layers and deal directly with the provider, your odds of having a personal, quality experience during the sales process go up dramatically. Can you think of an example of that?

5. It creates local jobs.
The backbone of a robust local economy is the availability of jobs for all who need one. When you shop at local small businesses, you create a greater demand for their products and services. Greater demand means more hands are required to fill orders. Everyone wins when local businesses grow due to support from the community. 

We could add many more reasons, but those are some of the most important. What would you add?

Local, small businesses help form the heart and soul of a community. Whether they are brick and mortar or their creations are sold online or via pop-up shops, they help create the vibe of a city. Supporting small, boutique businesses casts a vote for your local area's vibrancy and economic viability.

What is a small business in your community that you like to support? Maybe I’ll buy something from them, too! Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading this blog. I appreciate you!

With gratitude,


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