The Unexpected Trajectory of Generosity

I want to share a story about a precious little girl in Tibet and how her life is intertwined with our story at Carry Courage—really our story – yours and mine.

This little girl is named Lolo, and she is a sweetheart. She just started kindergarten in Tibet, but we’ll get into her educational journey more, shortly.

Lolo is being raised by her mom, Zici. Zici had Lolo out of wedlock and has struggled to make ends meet for them. But she loves her daughter immensely and will do anything for her. Where they are from, in a rural Tibetan village, it can be very difficult to find meaningful work to make a living. 

Stories like Zici and Lolo’s are not uncommon in that part of the world, sadly. To add to their difficulties, Zici is also responsible for caring and providing for her elderly parents–all in a dire financial situation. 

When on the verge of being completely destitute, Zici, her parents, and Lolo were given a chance at a new life. 

New Beginnings

They were discovered by the founders of Norboo–the makers of the Tibetan handbags I talk about so often. Ruth and her husband, owners of Norboo, discovered the family as they were visiting the villages where they employ single mothers, providing them with life-sustaining job opportunities sewing these beautiful bags. 

Ruth offered Zici a job sewing, which included training on how to make the bags. Not only that, but they formed a special bond, and were offered the opportunity for all four of them - Lolo, Zici, and her parents - to move in with Ruth! This was truly a God-send for this struggling family, as not only were they financially strained, but Zici’s elderly mother had fallen ill. 

This generous provision allowed the stability of a roof over their head while Zici cared for her mother. Ruth picked up the slack, helping out with Lolo during that time. 

It was a dark time for the little family. All the while, Zici had daydreams that things would get better. The good Lord provided for her in the kindness of Ruth and her husband. 

The Connection From Tibet to the Pacific Northwest 

Bringing this story back closer to home, Carry Courage just launched the Lolo Sling Bag, with the precious little girl not only being the namesake but a beneficiary of it. You see, with each purchase of the bag, a portion of the proceeds will go to sending Lolo to school this fall. 

Giving back to causes close to our heart is central to the Carry Courage ethos. We’ve partnered with Norboo since the early days, and are pleased to continue supporting brands like this that are providing jobs, and therefore livelihoods and hope, to vulnerable single women. 


It’s not a story with a tidy ending, wrapped in a bow like a Hollywood film. The reality is that Zici’s mom recently passed away, so they are dealing with that. The family, as well as Norboo, continue to fight difficulties at many turns (don’t we all?). 

Living in a messy reality is a shared experience for most of us across the globe, from comfortable suburban neighborhoods to rural villages overseas. No matter what our plight, we all have daydreams of what could be. As we live, day in and day out, let those dreams inspire us. And let the difficulties of others keep our hearts soft, with a willingness to understand. Perhaps even to help when we can. 

In the meantime, keep chasing your dreams!

To the power of potential,


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