Sallie Tomato Faux Leather Tour

It's not often that my loves of earth-friendly materials and sewing come together in harmony. But when I was asked to try out some new faux leather for one of my favorite companies, I was intrigued.

I've been using Sallie Tomato bag hardware and metal zippers by the yard for a few years now. When I started Carry Courage I was concerned with finding low-priced materials to keep the cost of my bags at an affordable price. But I found that replacing broken hardware and stuck zippers for paying customers wasn't the way to portray the quality I was going for. When I discovered Sallie Tomato I was excited that not only are they a women-owned US-based company, they have the absolute BEST customer service I've ever encountered! I'm talking actual phone calls about shipping options, personal emails regarding frequently purchased items back in stock, and social media shares of my business. PRICELESS!!







Faux leather is something I've been thinking about trying out for a while. I was challenged by finding a leather that was not only sustainable, but high quality and cost-efficient for resale. I honestly gave up because I didn't think such material could possibly exist. But when I received this beautiful fabric, I knew I was in luck! It is SO soft and flexible, reminiscent of genuine Italian leather. It's not vinyl, which can be sticky, stiff, and full of chemicals. It's made from a vegan material called polyurethane. PU-based leather is made by coating natural fabrics like cotton or polyester, then treating it to look like real leather.


The project I chose to use with Sallie Tomato's faux leather is a foldover crossbody bag that can be used also as a wristlet or clutch. I also used their cork with silver metallic for some fun corner accent pieces. The specific leather color is called Navy Legacy. (Their faux leather comes in 3 textures: Legacy, Pebble, and Weave) Sallie Tomato's navy/nickel zippers also didn't disappoint, as expected. I love them because I can cut my zipper to the exact length I need, reducing waste. The metal hardware is top-notch, and the teeth are made of nylon, meaning I can sew right over them, WITHOUT breaking any needles!

Overall, Sallie Tomato's faux leather was a DREAM to sew with, a BEAUTY to display, and I highly recommend you give this INCREDIBLY VERSATILE vegan leather a try for yourself!  







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