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Settling into a new routine after opening the cafe has been challenging. Getting five people out the door by 6 AM (including lunches, know, the essentials) is nearly impossible for me so I’ve been doing lots of my “getting ready” at the cafe during slow moments.

My @carry_courage Adventurer Cosmetic Bag houses everything I need for the day — makeup, toothbrush, hair stuff, all of it — in one easy place so I can grab it and go without worrying about forgetting something.

It’s the only piece I have made from cork — an alternative fabric made from the bark of a cork tree (which is super regenerative and doesn’t harm the tree to harvest 👏🏼). And the detail of the Adventurer is stunning.

In seasons like these where I’m settling into a new sense of normal I’m extra grateful for brands like @carry_courage that help keep me organized. #InspiringSimplicity
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