Capturing the Spirit of an Adventurer

Does adventure speak to your soul? Does seeing new places and trying new things ignite an excitement you can’t shake?

If so, I want you to meet a fellow adventurer, Sarah. You might be surprised by how applicable her lessons are, so keep reading!

Some might call Sarah a “wild child.” She prefers to think of herself as a free spirit. 

Sarah mostly ditched the corporate world about seven years ago, because it was too stifling for her creativity. She’s now primarily self-employed with a budding side hustle but works a few hours per week at a remote office job to keep a reliable cash flow coming in.

She is grateful for the remote job's income, but going full-time with her side hustle is the actual dream. 

But enough about work. Let’s talk about how Sarah lives her life as an adventurer, and what it could mean for you.

The adventurer lives in the moment

As much as Sarah would like to be a full-time digital nomad, she knows that’s unrealistic. Her family needs her, and none of her friends would be able to join her adventures. Plus, traveling all the time is expensive.

So instead, she takes a more practical approach. She is always planning and saving for her next adventure. But in between them, she constantly finds mini-adventures by appreciating her surroundings.

Sometimes, she stops what she’s doing to step outside for several minutes to watch a stunning sunset. 

Other times, she spontaneously takes the long way home from errands because there’s a road that she doesn’t know where it leads. So she checks it out! 

Sarah realizes that being present and seizing the moment is key to untold adventures, so she expects them and lets them happen whenever possible.

The adventurer prioritizes wellness

Sarah, our adventure girl, knows that to maximize opportunity, she has to be physically prepared for all sorts of conditions. 

That beautiful rock formation off the coast requires a rugged 2-mile walk. The most scenic spot in the National Park is at the top of a mountain, best viewed at sunrise. Getting to the remote, private lakeside beach with a gorgeous swimming area is only accessible if you kayak in half a mile.

Many of the things she longs to see, to photograph, and to experience require a level of fitness. So she prepares herself by exercising regularly and eating healthily. She also gets plenty of sleep, because she knows that all these things keep her in the condition required to capitalize on adventure when the time comes.

The adventurer is prepared

It’s a social media world, and Sarah wants to document her adventures for all to see. So she packs her backpack with all the goods: tripod, phone mount, even a mini ring light and lapel mic. If you make that much effort to take adventures, you might as well get fantastic footage, right? 

She also has everything she needs to look good: makeup, cosmetics, hair supplies, etc. She wouldn’t consider herself vain, but she is a content creator, and looking the part is important. (As an aside, Sarah always travels with her aptly named Adventurer cosmetics bag, so she has plenty of room to pack her beauty supplies.)

You won’t catch her without the other essentials, either: plenty of hydration, snacks, the right footwear and clothing, the works. Sarah is ready for just about anything.


Conclusion: The adventurer is … you?

If you’ve been following Sarah’s story, with the thirst for adventure deep in your heart, I hope you’ll be inspired to embrace your desires!

Somewhere deep inside, most of us long for adventure. Or at least excitement! We want our lives to be full of satisfaction, and exploring is a way to scratch that itch.

So if you long for adventure, you can be like Sarah. Living in the moment is a practice you can adopt. You can develop muscle memory to make it more natural if it seems challenging.

Prioritizing your wellness is ideal, regardless of how exciting life is. Loving yourself and treating YOU well enhances the quality of life, and makes you more adventure ready.

Finally, being prepared for the paths you travel make each step more enjoyable. Perfect preparation isn’t always possible, but it’s an area that can constantly be improved.

How much of an adventurer would you say you are on a scale of 1-10? Where would you like that number to be? I hope you’ll get there!

Here’s to your next adventure!


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