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What you didn’t know about cork

Did you know that the Cork Oak is the only tree that benefits from the removal of its bark, which regenerates every 8-10 years? I didn’t know that until I read more about Carry Courage and the reason they produce cork bags.

Once the tree is harvested it absorbs about 5 times the CO2, making this process important in reducing greenhouse gases.

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Essential oils cork bag

Carry Courage sent me one of their beautiful essential oils cork bag and I loved it for so many reasons. It is a super useful bag to store all my essential oils, it has enough pouches for 14 bottles, but you can also squeeze extra bottles in between the pouches. It also has a lot of leftover space on top perfect for storing other beauty products.

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A cork bag perfect for traveling

Another thing I liked about this bag is that you can remove the inside pouch if you are going to travel and need to store more of your personal care products inside and just carry your basic essential oils with you.

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I always think it’s important to take care of our bodies in a natural way, which is the main reason I use essential oils. I like to find natural remedies and recipes that can make me feel better without having to use harsh medicines on my body.

I also like to play around with making DIY body butters and facial cleansers as well as products for my hair. I am so happy that now I have a cute bag where I can travel and store all my products and have them all in one organized space. I used to store everything in a medium sized box which was not practical at all!

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Have the courage to live your dreams

I think we have to challenge our shopping habits if we ever want to contribute to make this world a better place. There are obviously many options out there that can provide you the same product of a simple essential oils bag, but you know what makes Carry Couragedifferent? Their values.

I love supporting women based businesses because it teaches me that anyone can start a business and truly accomplish their goals if you believe in them.

Marisa, the founder of this brand took a leap of faith and decided to encourage other women to have the courage to live their dreams like her. So I guess this is what Carry Courage means! To literally carry your courage symbolically in a bag! What a beautiful message!

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Choose sustainable materials

I believe we should learn to educate ourselves to find sustainable replacements for our every day products that surround our lifestyle. Yes, there will always be more affordable options, but affordable doesn’t always mean a product will last long or that it was made ethically.

We are the reason the world is full of trash and only we can change this reality by becoming more conscious consumers. I hope you like this idea of finding sustainable materials don’t forget to check out Carry Courage. At their shop you will also find different cork bags that are also a great idea for gifts this season! Support sustainable fashion and support women that have courage!

-Let’s create sustainable wardrobes – Marmag / Natalia 

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