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Carry Courage meets the Bead & Reel values for their exceptional commitment to mindfulness in fashion and is now part of the affiliate network and approved brands list at
Mindful living made easy. 
Bead & Reel is a mindful living community founded by Sica Schmitz in 2014 to connect brands, bloggers, and shoppers as we create a more compassionate world together.
Originally started as a retail boutique, it has since expanded to become one of the top five sustainable fashion blogs, the leading ethical affiliate network, and a unique destination for sustainable services from consulting to personal styling
Bead & Reel is the winner of the 2017 Sustainable Business Council award and a press favorite, being featured in Forbes, Vogue partner site This Is Jane Wayne, mindbodygreen, and hundreds of other mainstream and niche publications interested in sharing about ethical fashion.
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