6 Products That Will Make Back-to-School Easier

Ready or not, back to school is upon us. Whether you are a college student headed back, a teacher re-entering the classroom, or a mom/working woman that wants to seize the opportunity to get organized this fall, we’ve compiled a list of 6 products that will make back-to-school easier. 

For full disclosure, a few of these 6 products that will make back-to-school easier are items you’ll find in our shop. Others are from retail and media collaboration partners. We wanted to include a few of our products because they were made with you in mind – to help you be more organized! 

Let’s get organized for fall! Here’s the list of 6 products that will make back-to-school easier:


  1. Everything basket 
Clutter leads to lack of concentration, which means your inner “kick butt and take names” nature will be hampered. But if you have a way to organize your clutter? Watch out, world! 

This basket set allows you to neatly store stray items from any room. Pick the spot that gets cluttered the most and watch what happens when items suddenly have a spot to live. So much brainpower saved!


  1. RULE BREAKER zippered pouch
Combine your inner rebel with your organized diva self with this handy, uniquely-shaped pouch that is perfect for writing utensils, reading glasses, and all the other small items you might spend time digging around your bag for. No more digging – it’s all right there for you to grab to be ready for class or that next meeting.



    1. Star of the Shit Show Sweatshirt

    Let’s be honest… Do you really have it all together or is it basically all a show? The Star of the Shit Show hoodie encourages people to embrace self love and the messiness of life. It's okay to not be put together all the time! This ethical clothing line encourages shoppers to look past the pressure of having a perfect "Instagramable" life, encourages people to embrace their imperfections, and learn to laugh through the messiness of life. 



    1. ADVENTURER cosmetic bag
      College dorm dwellers can tote their cosmetics back and forth to the bathroom with a unique style that will make you the envy of your hallmates with the Adventurer cosmetic bag. Designed to store bottles upright and leave plenty of open space for the other items, with this dorm essentials award-winning bag you’ll save time and be stylish! 

      1. Aura Protection Mister
      It’s hard work tackling all the things you’ve got going on! Life is more complicated than ever right now, to boot. When stress creeps in, creating a scent in your space that promotes calm and bliss keeps things sailing smoothly.

      The I Will Survive Aura Protection Mister is an herbaceous and woodsy blend that creates a shield of protection for one’s personal aura. Juniper gives a balsamic note with a fruity undertone and is an excellent air purifier and deodorizer. The combined antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic therapeutic properties of the ingredients make this mister a wonderful complement to the winter season especially. It is also a great travel companion and a resolute ward from negative vibes.



      1. NOMAD messenger bag 

      We’re pleased to debut this brand new messenger bag made for women on the go like you! With pockets for your devices and plenty of space for the all the things you carry to conquer the world, this bag is your companion for crushing the day!


      Final thoughts on making the transition to fall easier

      There are any number of products out there to help you slay as you head back to school or work. These are some of our favorites because they are made for (and in many cases, by) women who are passionate about being kind to the earth. Since you’re going to give it your all this school year, why not consider using tools created by local small businesses that share your values? It’s a win-win.

      In any case, this local small business owner wants you to know that you have what it takes to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. I am here to support you in any way I can. 

      Thank you for reading! I appreciate you.



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